With Chantal Guillou-Brennan CHT, IEMPT

Sessions Information

Chantal holds hypnosis certifications from NGH, IACT, ICBCH, is CT registered. She earned training/certifications in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Soul Life Between Life, EFT, Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp (release of spirit attachments and thought forms) and Family Constellation (release of ancestral wounds) and over 20-years experience in various Energy Medicine modalities. She is an interfaith minister and Spiritual Coach. Soul Centered Hypnosis is the synthesis of her extensive training and experience.
  • Soul Centered Hypnosis

    Developped by Chantal Guillou-Brennan, Soul Centered Hypnosis is a 3.5 to 4-hour transformational Zoom or live session. After reviewing your 10 questions and needs, that set the stage for the session, we may have 20 or 30 questions. This review process allows me to follow-up on answers to make the best of our time with your Higher Self (the voice of your Soul).
    Each healing process is unique and done in partnership with the Higher Self who answers these questions and directs the healing by bringing us to the origin of an issue. We may visit one or more past lives or focus on this present life, where we can address a wide range of challenges (read bellow). We may visit the realm of the soul, but essentially it is your Higher Self who chooses the destination, unless you have a specific question that directs that outcome.
    SCH includes QHHT, Soul Life Between Lives, regression & rebirthing, Family Constellation to address ancestral wounds, Reiki/Energy Medicine healing, Soul Retrieval/Parts Therapy integration and the removal of attachments and thought-forms/Psychopomp.

    Possibilities and Intentions
    • Uncover your purpose and/or Pre-birth Plan
    • Find the origin of phobia, addiction, unwanted behavior and unexplained physical or emotional ailments
    • Address the root cause of physical and psycho-spiritual challenges from entanglements and attachments to mental struggles: depression, anxiety, blocks, sell-doubts, low self-esteem
    • Receive physical and emotional healing in partnership with the HS
    • Resolve ancestral wounds and renegotiate contracts and vows
    • Clear past life interference, imprints, spells & curses and implants
    • Resolve loss of energy or chronic fatigue, self-sabotage, reason for contradictory voices or intent
    • Release spirit attachments and eliminate psychic attacks
    • Address disturbances in home or office
    • Explain missing time, NDE, OBE & dreams
    • Review otherworldly memories and understand ET or IT experiences
    • Visit the realm of the Soul to understand the reason for present challenges
    • Meet and converse with your Spirit Guide who helped you choose this life & body

    • Your recorded session is available for download.
    Live on Zoom: $350 • Live in Milford: $450 includes $100 deposit secures appointment/office. Add $100 for weekend and holidays
    Zoom and Live sessions are exactly the same as there is no physical contact. Except with a Zoom session clients are already relaxed in the comfort and safety of their own home (bed) and we may avoid possible interference from office noises.

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ sessions are about 3.5 hour long folowing Dolores Cannon's script. However, I will not stop in the midst of a past life because your time is up! After leading you into a comfortable state of hypnosis, we explore 1 or more past lives. I then read your 10 questions to your Higher Self.
    QHHT's focus is the exploration of past lives. For a more therapeutic approach that allows me to use all my healing skills, training and experience, read about Soul Centered Hypnosis above.
    Live on Zoom: $350 • Live in Milford: $450 includes $100 deposit secures appointment/office. Add $100 for weekend and holidays

  • Soul Life Between Lives

    Soul Life Between Lives can be done after you have had a past life regression or a QHHT session. During the 4-hour Soul Life Between Lives session, you are led into a state of deep hypnosis to the realm of the Soul. Once there, you personally meet your Spirit Guide, your Soul Cluster Group and, most importantly, you can seek guidance from your Council of Elders (3 to 12), about issues or concerns in your present lifetime.
    You can also visit the Place of Body Selection where you chose your present body and find out why you selected this particular body and why you chose your parents.
    The focus is an exploratory one, yet you may receive healing at any level as a result of gaining awareness and understanding. The Council never judges, condemns or expresses any form of anger or negative energy. Every life is reviewed from a higher point of learning, and most clients refer to this meeting as very important, supportive and comforting.
    The guides also support and help the soul to clarify questions and behaviors. The Elders always respect our free will and as such, we often have the sense that they do not hold a firm idea about our future lives.
    Depending of the life experience of the Soul on earth, the council may appear more friendly or serious.
    Through this process, you have opportunities for learning, healing and tracing the threads of your own soul history. More importantly, you can better understand your path and purpose in your current lifetime as you foster a greater integration of mind, body and spirit in your daily life.
    Live on Zoom: $350 • Live in Milford: $450 includes $100 deposit secures appointment/office. Add $100 for weekend and holidays

  • Future Life Progression • Jump in Future

    The notion of past present and future being an illusion, as the Soul expresses itself in the “now” throughout eternity, may help you understand the value of such regression, progression and jumps.

    Future Life Progression is a 3.5 to 4 hour exploratory journey into one of your incarnation in the “future.” Jumping hundreds or thousands of year into the “future” to explore that space/time. You come to me with at least 5 questions that you want to have answered. We work with your Higher-Self to reach the best possible timeline for you to receive insight about your interest. Artists, innovators, healers, writers, scientists, usually seek this method to receive insight about the evolution of their art or particular field or skill. The session may include a jump in parallel reality to meet the succesfull self and learn from him/her before integrating that knowledge.
    Live on Zoom: $350 • Live in Milford: $450 includes $100 deposit secures appointment/office. Add $100 for weekend and holidays

    Jump Into the Future Workshop is a 2 hour jump into a parallel universe to meet your successful-self and the focus is generally of a personal nature to receive clarity about an challenge in the present life or to learn way to improve a skill or talent. Artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, healers, writers, scientists, usually seek this method to receive insight about the evolution of their art or particular field or skill. After setting clear intention for the jump to observe your successful-self, we proceed to the hypnosis session. The focus of the session determines if we persist on a current time line or seek to visit another. After meeting the successful-self, I help you integrate the energy of success in your present life. I then bring you back to the present and we review the information you received. Chantal occasionally offers this as a workshop or you can book chantal to host such workshop. $50/pp minimum of 6 person.

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Spiritual Coaching via Zoom. is done to address present challenges. As a hypnotherapist, EFT & Energy medicine practitioner and inter-faith minister, I help you change your life from the inside out and help you reach the goal with natural ease and flow. In the safety of sacred space and confidentiality, you are given a voice to resolve inner conflicts, limiting beliefs and discover the origin or personal blocks that keep you from expressing your authentic self. Some issues may call for Family Constellation, Soul Centered Hypnosis past life regression, or Integrative Energy Medicine treatment that require separate appointments.
    90 minute via Zoom $150. Onsite in Milford: $250 (includes $100 deposit.)

  • Reiki Acupressure Energy Medicine

    An Integrative Energy Medicine (IEM) session may include Reiki, Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure, Shamanic Healing Soul Retrieval/Parts Therapy and Psychopomp. Available Live via Zoom or onsite in Milford, CT
    Package of three 60-minute-session Zoom: $250 • Single Zoom 60mn $100 • Add $100 for onsite session in Milford CT.

  • Testimonial

    Just finished listening to the session. Wowee! Intense to say the least. Thank you so much for hanging in there with all the questions I had brought with me. I sincerely appreciate the generosity of your time and your devotion to the work. I have felt a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.
    I had to stop taking my blood pressure medication for the past two days as I went as low as 94/60 and thought I was just going to drop. My palpitations have been moderate. The grief release was tremendous. Thoughts of (- - -) being gone have not even entered my mind and the only crying I have done in three days was today when I listened to myself crying the two or three times on the recording. I feel like a huge burden has been dissolved. I saw my massage therapist the next day and before the session she (who is pretty intuitive with energy) said, "What's different about you? Your eyes look more alive and you feel lighter. Most importantly was all the valuable information that came forth for my purpose, my healing, establishing kinship and possibly what I can anticipate as my future path. I will be digesting this for quite a while, but the timing of meeting you could not have been better. Again, much gratitude for the work you do. – Roberta C. Hamden CT.

  • Informed Consent • Policy

    Payment is due at time of services. $50 deposit secures your appointment for Live or Zoom session. Live session deposit is non-refundable unless session is cancelled or reschedule 72-hours prior to appointment. No show fee of $50 applies to Zoom and Live session.
    You (the client) must fill-out the "Intake form" emailed to you upon confirmation of your appointment for a treatment or hypnosis session. This will save us the time for you to fill out the form before your session. That time is taken from your session.
    DISCLAIMER: I, Chantal Guillou-Brennan, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not diagnose, cure, treat disease or prescribe medication. I assist people in correcting energetic imbalances to trigger the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Although I am trained/certified in many modalities, as an interfaith minister I consider that all healing is self-healing because of our spiritual nature. I do not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about results of my work or of the energy medicine or hypnosis sessions. Although Integrative energy medicine or and Soul Centered Hypnosis have a therapeutic focus, clients are urged to continue to consult their medical doctors and follow their advice as my process is complementary to allopathic medicine. My spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical or psychological condition. For such issues, you should seek the proper licensed physician or healthcare professional.
    Regarding messages and guidance: Any guidance given during a treatment or hypnosis or spiritual coaching session is given to you for your thoughtful consideration only. You accept full personal and legal responsibility for your own life choices. You are encouraged to make your own decisions regardless of any information, guidance or interpretation Chantal or the Higher Self or Spirit Guides or ancestors may convey. The information provided during treatments and sessions are intended for your general information only and is an expression of opinion, not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice. For such intent, please seek the proper guidance of a licensed physician, specialist or mental healthcare professional.

Live Sessions Location

Soul Centered Hypnosis, QHHT, Hypnoterapy, Spiritual Coaching, Family Constellation, EFT and Reiki/Acupressure Energy Medicine sessions are offered BY APPOINTMENT via Zoom or Skype and IN-PERSON at 57 Plains Road, Suite 1C Milford CT 06460. Conveniently located near exit 36 off i95.