8-hour intensive with live interaction and practice
Hybrid class: 3.5 hours Zoom + 4.5 hours Live in Milford CT

Integrate Acupressure Therapy With Energy Medicine Practice

IIntegrate the use of the meridian system with any “energy medicine modality or make it your foundational training for a new energy medicine career.

Ideal for energy medicine practitioners, massage or physical therapists, this training opens your understanding to the Human Energy Field. Although IEMI students are encouraged to take this training after Reiki 2, energy medicine experience is not necessary.

Discover how both the chakra and meridian systems are part of the same energy network; how each acupressure point, like each chakra, has an energetic personality. Practice and receive treatments as you learn 13 acupressure protocols that address a wide range of symptoms. At this level, special attention is place on the spine from which the rest of the body is “formed”.

After this class you are ready to include in your treatments the unique acupressure protocols learned in this training. A detailed manual with step by steps descriptions provides all that you need to practice on yourself and practice Acupressure on others.
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Created and taught by founder/teacher Chantal Guillou-Brennan
This 8-hour Hybrid class is 90% practice with online self-practice followed by theLive treatment protocols group practice in Milford CT.

What you experience during this 8-hour intensive

• Personal and group practice with individual support
Online teaching and self-practice
• Discover the meridian system
• Nadis and meridians, what’s the difference?
• From energy to chakras to meridians
• Learn about energy circulation in the body
• Appreciate the essence of each acupressure point
• Effect of Acupressure on the physical & emotional level
• Organs to meridians to emotions Associations
• Circadian rhythm and organs function
• Five element-theory and the organ function
• Importance of the spine on energy circulation
• Associate each vertebra with an organ
• Locate each point on yourself
• Treating stagnating energy in soft tissue
• Practice self-Acupressure treatment

Live experiential group practice
• Learn while you receive and give treatments
• Understand what issues each protocol addresses
• Practice 13 treatment protocols

• Your investment includes:
• A very detailed manual to practice on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute