8-hour Energy Medicine intensive with live interaction and practice
7 CEUs & Same Curriculum for Zoom or Live class, in Milford CT

Heal Yourself & Others

Although ideal for health care professionals, anyone can learn Reiki and no prior experience is necessary. Whether you take this training Live or Online, personal attention, curriculum, 7 Continuing Education Credits and the effects of the four attunements, all are exactly the same. This is what students have shared in their reviews and testimonials.

Reiki 1 is about your health and your life. As such Reiki 1 is the most important level. Yes Self-Reiki can help you heal yourself, but it is also is the fastest way to raise your vibration to reconnect to your Soul path. EMI Reiki 1 includes all the self-healing practices from each of the three levels that can be applied to also help family members and animals, to clear and bless homes or offices and the Earth!

This unique Reiki 1 class includes 4 different attunements, each with a unique purpose and meditation; during which students receive wisdom and healing from their Reiki Guide. To process the attunement-experience, participants receive personal attention and spiritual guidance from their teacher.

Through a well-organized curriculum that includes energy medicine exercises, clear demonstrations, and supervised hands-on Reiki practices, students learn quickly and easily. With these additional exercises, students gain confidence in their new skills and experiential understanding of energy healing.

Created and taught by Chantal Guillou-Brennan, Reiki Master/Teacher with 30 years Energy Medicine practice and teaching experience. IEMI Reiki 1 is the foundation for all energy medicine and advanced healing classes.

What you experience during this 8-hour intensive

• Personal attention & individual support from Reiki teacher
Morning: What is Reiki Energy Medicine
• History of Reiki at a glance (more in manual)
• Understand the true meaning and power of Rei and Ki
• Receive 4 unique attunements in sacred space
• Meet your Reiki Guide. Learn to communicate with Reiki Masters
• Understand the power of intention and invocation
• Why/how to raise our vibration & reconnect to our soul path
• Palm chakra activation & exercise to feel energy
Afternoon: 100% hands-on to practice
• Empowerment healing with Self-Reiki practice
• Receive additional hand positions to:
• Boost the immune system
• Improve eyesight
• Balance hormones and thyroid
• Practice meditation to clear anger and rage out of body
• Learn to cleanse and recharge quickly
• Use unique breath to clear negative emotions out of your body
• Practice Aura cleanse to avoid being depleted
• Fingers-of-light Activation & practice exercises
• Practice body scan and remove blocks
• Learn to shield against psychic attacks

• Your investment includes:
• A detailed manual to practice on your own
• Audio files to connect to your guide and the Reiki Masters on your own
• Certificate from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute
• Additional support through Facebook group: Reiki 1-2-3 Study & Practice

Preparing for Reiki 1 & the attunements
No need to change your diet, but use common sense to rest and have a healthy meal. Electronics such as iWatch and cell phone are kept away from the body during the attunements. However jewelry or personal item worn regularly do not need to be removed since, as everything in the universe, they are made of the same basic building blocks and these have become part of your energy field. Bring an open mind and a notebook to record your experience.