This class length is from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 30 minutes lunch break. Please bring a bag lunch and a journal to class.
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Shamanism 101 — The Seer/Healer's way Foundation Training

In this full day training, you’ll discover, use and develop innate abilities that can be applied to help you heal yourself and others and deepen your partnership with Spirit. You will expand your awareness of reality and of who you are in the multiverse.

WHAT THIS TRAINING IS AND IS NOT: Shamanism 101 is the foundation class in IEMI Mastery of Awareness™ program designed to develop High Sensory Perception and enhance one's healing and intuitive abilities to help oneself and others. You will not become a shaman after this class but you will understand and be able to practice shamanic visioning as it was done thousand of years ago by every indigenous culture on earth as a mean to survival. You will not learn a new religion, nor be asked to worship totems or deities, but you will learn to honor your own faith and ancestors by creating sacred space, becoming familiar with the elemental earth energy as well as partner with your Spirit guides.

In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how and why enter each of Three Worlds to heal yourself and others. Meet/work with your Power Animal and Spirit Allies to further explore "non-ordinary reality" with the group and later be able to pursue your studies on your own and heal yourself, others.

Gain valuable tools to enter the Lower World to find your power—your essence, and request physical healing for yourself, journey to the Upper World to find out how to reconnect to your Soul and receive wisdom about your past lives your present incarnation, your purpose and your future and how to request healing.

Learn how to use the “Out of Body Transmigration” to navigate the Middle World. That is our every day “ordinary” world that we perceive with our five senses but also the “non-ordinary” aspect of this world which includes spirits, departed, thought forms… that may affect our space, our life, health and that of others.

As a spiritual being having a human experience find out how you can live in harmony with physical- and spiritual-reality. Using the process of Shamanic Journey powered by the rhythm of the drum and also two other techniques that do not use the drum, everyone will be able to discover their favored method to entrain their brain into the theta range of frequencies to access Divine wisdom and develop their Extra Sensory Perception & intuition.

You will learn to set sacred space and why we work with the energy of the four directions yet you will do this in alignment with your own faith, respecting your origin, your ancestors as every indigenous culture as ever done through history. (Read, “What is Shamanism” on this site to understand why this is important.) This will help you gain strength from your own genetic and soul lineage (explained in class) enhancing your relationship to Spirit by applying ageless wisdom to your every day life.

Note: that more than 75% of the class time is spent practicing the skills of journeying to explore the Three Worlds and helping yourself.
Furthermore you have the opportunity to receive valuable ongoing support to practice your new skills and develop further your abilities, when you choose to participate in our monthly Shamanic drumming circle on the fourth Friday. And to enhance your experience further, and stay informed please join our Shamanic Study and Practice Facebook group.

  By the end of the class you will know your way around the three worlds and have awareness of the depth of the many realm that constitute our "Universe" in which you will have found allies to perform different explorations and acquire healing and wisdom for yourself and others. You will have practiced with exercises to help you heal yourself and receive wisdom about your true nature.
Deepening your partnership with Spirit
  • How to clear your space and cleanse yourself in preparation for this practice
  • How to set sacred space & the power of invocation
  • Opening of sacred space
  • Understand why for a shaman everything is alive and imbued with Spirit
  • How to open the directions according to different traditions
  • How to honor your ancestor and respect your own faith as a modern shaman
What is a shaman and how to develop the skills of the Seer/Healer
  • Understanding the power of the Medicine Wheel
  • Origin of the Three Worlds and what they correspond to
  • Principles of shamanic journey
Hands on exploration of the Three World
  Practice three methods to entrain the brain in theta wave to reach the journey state:
  • Journey with the drum or rattle:
  • Journey without drum using the rhythm of the breath
  • Journey without drum using modern sound technology
  • Combining methods and substitute to drumming
Working in partnership with Spirit and meeting your guides
  • Working in partnership with Spirit and meeting your guides
Using classic method of journeying
  • Experience three practice journey to the Lower World
  • Experience three practice journey to the Upper World
Using the Out of Body Transmigration method of journeying
  • Experience three practice journey to the Middle World
  I• Review additional journey to practice on your own
Closing The Directions and Sacred Space
  In a safe a sacred space your will enjoy a deep spiritual experience as you develop your partnership with your Spirit Allies and receive guidance, healing and wisdom during the training.
  A comprehensive manual with detailed instruction of all that you learned in class.
  certificate of achievement for Shamanism level 1 in Mastery of Awareness™ from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute.
  Ongoing complimentary support.
After the class your teacher is available via email or phone to support you on your continuing development as a Shamanic Practitioner.
Your communication is always confidential and you have peace of mind of knowing that you have a knowledgeable and experienced teacher to turn to for help.
You also have the opportunity to attend the monthly Shamanic Study and Practice circle on the Fourth Friday at the United Presbyterian Church on Seaside Avenue in Milford CT. This circle is dedicated to develop Extra Sensory Perception using Shamanic and Mastery of Awareness methodology. Please contact intructor for details and/or join Facebook group for announcements, mini Playshops, and other events.
  New Student: Prepaid $150 or $175 at the door. $50 deposit + $100 at the door reserves your place in the class.
  NEW POLICY 11/2018: IEMI student may repeat this training once for $25 within 4 month of initial class. Retake fee is $75 after 4 month.
  Please read our refund, cancellation and "No-show" fee policy on our policy page.

  • The Shaman 101 training was wonderful. Our group consisted of individuals in different levels of their Shamanistic journey; yet, Chantal worked with each of us to make sure each of us would not only learn all we could in the training but would also have the ability to continue our journeys once we completed the course. If you are interest in Shamanism, this is an excellent place to begin.
  • I would very much recommend the Shamanism 101 training intensive with Chantal. It was a full day of learning filled with synchronicities, spiritual support, and high vibrations. It felt safe and relaxed in the sacred space created by Chantal. Within a couple of weeks of participating in the training and applying what I had learned, I was able to accomplish something that I had previously attempted many times, but had not had the courage to carry out. It was a wonderful surprise to discover that the tools and techniques learned in this class could be life changing.

    Maria B. Bethany, CT

  • I enjoyed the Shamanism 101 course. I learned how to go 'beyond myself' to explore and better myself. Twice a month, drum circles let me continue to practice what I learned in Shamanism 101. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and the world, in ways that move you outside the box. I really believe that this course has helped me with lucid dreaming, as well! Chantal is a wonderful teacher who will guide you and help you grow. This course is the foundation for other courses that she teaches. I love also the drumming circles. Thank you so much!

    Wendy R. Milford, CT

  • I recently took your shamanism 101 work shop and it was great! You were attentive, focused, and informative. Great for anyone looking to get in touch with their inner shaman! I look forward to taking another course with you soon!

    Lexi Jacobson Plainsville, CT


Make your Native American drum in ceremony. Choose size & hide type. Register & order kit by 4/22.