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Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

Quote from Your Soul's Plan:
"To the soul suffering is a natural consequence of judgment. When we awaken and recall that we are immortal souls who cannot be harmed, we release our judgment of life challenges. In their place we embrace a neutrality that reduces suffering and magnifies joy."
— Robert Schwartz

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Access Higher Wisdom, intuitive art class to develop your High Sensory Perception, Built a relationship with your Higher Self and Source/God/Spirit by using art as a process to develop your psychic skills. Learn the vocabulary that your Higher Self uses to communicate with you. This vocabulary is unique to you.

I.E.M.I ©2008-2017


Using energy as a medicine.
By channeling divine energy (without giving anything of oneself) the partitioner reconnects the receiver to the source. In Reiki there is no need for the practitioner to know anatomy or where the patient needs energy. It is said that the Reiki energy is an intelligent energy and will go where ever the receiver needs it. In other form of energy healing, the practitioner may use other techniques to feel/see imbalances in the body before channeling the Divine energy perceived at time as vibration or heat or light or sound (Holographic Sound Healing).

What happens during a treatment of energy medicine?
The practitioner prepare himself and the space where the healing is to take place.

First phase is to prepare the healing space. You may want to: burn incent or sage, call the Spirit of the 7 directions with a rattle or a drum or ring a bell or a tingsha... be creative, follow your heart, your inspiration and set the intention for this space, You may say "I declare this space sacred", or call your Spirit Guide to be present to assist you in the healing or ceremony/ritual/meditation.... and in doing, so ask for their help to clear the space of negative enery. Fend Shui has turn this process into an art and science and you may want to explore this practice further.

Second phase is to prepares yourself and connect to the Source Above and Below making you part of the whole. This may vary from setting the intent for the healing to take place to an elaborate ceremony or just a prayer or mediation to call the practitioners spirit guides to assist and/or guide in this healing.

As above so below: This is the time to set your intention for the healing: "that it be done for the greater good of the Receiver." It is the time to aligned your will with God's Will.
You now reaffirm your connection to the Divine Source above and below. This is done by connecting thru the top of your head (crown chakra) to a point of bright light about 1 to 2 feet above your head and to the center of the earth. The connection runs through the center of your body along your spine so it is crucial that you learn to stand straight yet be comfortable and grounded.

I recommend to practitioners that you nurture yourself by adopting a daily routine of meditation, prayer or journaling to nurture your connection to the Divine. A practice of Yoga,Tai Chi or Qi Gong or another form or physical nurturing will enhance your connection to the Source above and below.

Note: The Life Line Strengthening method can become a daily routine and can be modified to work on a specific chakra area with sound and/or color variation.

The third phase occurs in the presence of the Receiver: call your guides and their guides.
That really means that you become conscious or more conscious of their presence; since they are not really travelling from somewhere to you, but are with you always. In the same fashion you call the receiver's guides asking to coach you in this healing. Ask that this healing be done for the highest good of the Receiver's and for greater good of All (remember we are all connected). Following your own belief: you can ask that the healing to be done in the name of Jesus or another Divine expression and to be irreversible. There is no right nor wrong way yot do this as long as your intention is powered by love and compassion. That means it is devoyed of desires for personal gain or fear or pity these emotions are very low frequency vibrations which are harmful to the receiver and make you vulnerable to the negative energy that you are in this instance "willing" to heal. Will is not the same as intention. Intention has no attachment to the outcome.

The fourth phase invites the energy to flow. It is a reactivation of the second phase with a focus and intent for the Receiver: Set your intention clearly. Such as: ask that your hand to be guided for (...) to receive whatever he/she needs at this time. The energy is called or invoked and welcomed to be channeled "through" the practitioner. The energy may be called with a specific name from Jesus to Buddha or Kuan Yin and Mary. Here again keep in mind that these are just label of the same Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe. Yet each name is representative of an energy pattern or range of vibration and you may resonate better or more comfortably..
In all form of energy healing the practitioner connects to the Source.
The Source as many names as it is perceived by many in different fashion. It is called Reiki–the universal (Rei) Life Force (Ki). It is Divine Love or Great Source of All that is, or just Qi as in Qi Gong. or Divine Light or just white light (which contains the whole spectrum of light colors). It is called Father Sky and Mother Earth energy or God.
Note: In most cases the energy is tapped outside the practitioner and allowed to flow through the practitioner to be received by the person requesting the healing. 13
One exception in my understanding (please let me know if this appears erroneous to you) Qi Gong is based on the cultivation of the Qi (life energy) by the practitioner who learns to store the Qi (or Chi) in his Tantien (or Tan dien) which is then channeled for healing. In martial art this energy is directed to deliver a coup (as in breaking a row of bricks single handedly).

The fifth phase is to connect to the Receiver by touching either the feet, hands or the head depending where you are asked to start (by the guides or the healing modality that you are uisng).
When doing Reiki a series of symbol representing thought patterns are used to connect to the Receiver. One in particular I find very beautiful is called "Hon Sha Se Sho Nen" meaning "The Buddha in me connects with the Buddha in you" but you may want to use "Namaste" or "Aloha" which similarly mean "I honor the divine in you." Or thanslate it to your faith such as :the Chris in me connect with the Christ in you." Reiki is taught as starting at the head and work downward but as you practice Reiki and open yourself to Divine guidance (through your spiritual guides/angels/guardian angels ...) you may find yourself starting in different places and even doing many things that you were not taught in the context of Reiki. IT'S OK. Nothing remains the same, even thousand years old healing techniques!

The Seventh phase is the healing itself: Depending of the modality that you are using, you may just go right into the healing or use a method of diagnosis (kinesiology, pendulum reading or body scanning, pulse reading).
As a diagnosis you can use a pendulum or use your hands to scan the subtle patterns of energy or journey inside the body or expand your consciousness to see inside the body of the receiver. You may also use one of the many technique of deduction based on the receiver's morphology or life history. Such as Louise Hay, probable cause based on thought patterns (You can heal your life); or Core Energetics character structures based on identification of one's masks and morphology ( The Undefended Self - Living the Pathwork of Spiritual Wholeness by Susan Thesenga.)

Some technique call to place the hands directly on the body other hover just above and other are several feet away from the receiver. The reason for that is that despite the appearance our body is not confined to what we usually perceive. Like an onion there are many layers to our body, (Barbara Brennan: Hands of light, and Light emerging). These layers are part of the auric field and expand in more than 7 documented layers reaching in parallel reality or levels of consciousness.

I believe that they are all different perspective of the same thing. One may work better for one person because it resonates with their belief system. For this reason it doesn't hurt to ask first, before a healing or during a healing what is for the highest good of that person and the greater good of All. Trust the answer since you asked!

Perception variance during a healing. Finding meaning to help the receiver
The energy channeled can even be perceived by the practitioner as helping hands understood to be the practitioner's helping Guides or /and the Receiver's Spirit Guides or Angels.

The attachment are perceived by a shaman as intrusions to be removed with the help of his spirit guide/power animal. The shaman goes into a trance state to bring the receiver back in a state of harmony with his true self. This can involve retrieving what is perceived as lost soul part -Soul retrieval or removing negative energy clouding the Auric field and chakras or extracting entities that have attached themselves to the receiver. See Shamanism

About Energy Healing
Energy healing as said above is based on connecting to the Source with intention. The intention is really the power behind any event in our life. It is crucial in energy healing to align your intent with Divine Will. You can do that aloud in words or in thought to yourself. See step 1 thru 6 above.
The Source can of course be very different for any practitioner.
For me the Source is My Father/Mother/God who is Love and Light who is all in all.
When I connect to the Source the energy comes through my crown chakra down or along my spine to my heart and out my hands or to/out my third eye or eyes. I was originally taught to channel Divine Energy with the method called Reiki.
You can exlore the following modalities on this site:

About the use of pendulum.
I find the use of pendulum more entertaining than accurate.
I have "played" with it on my own and conducted experiments at the School of Healing that I attend ( The Institute of Healing Art and Science IHAS in Hartford CT)
When holding or looking at the pendulum I find that I can at will make it turn/swing any which I set my mind to. With the help of some student we conducted a few experiments that proved that the pendulum can be influenced not only by the practitioner holding it but also by the Receiver or the observer.
In one instance our teacher was demonstrating the use of the pendulum before and after a healing to prove the effect of a healing . Except when she went ot measure a chakra that was to have open up during healing the pendulum rotated counterclockwise as I was focusing on that motion. She tried three times and on the last try as started to loosen my focus and smiled at the joke the pendulum did turned clockwise. The pendulum could be influence by an observer.
In another without any warning to the user of the pendulum . I willfully closed all my Chakra. The pendulum was so still on each Chakra that the person became confused and thought the pendulum to be deficient and went to ask our instructor if the pendulum could be bad before I had any chance to explain. When I did explain the reading it was obvious that the pendulum could be influenced by the intent of the receiver.
I had two different people use the pendulum before and after treatment at 30 minute internal and they both registered completely different fluctuations on most chakra. Suggesting that the reading is either altered by may be the different state of mind of the practitioner and/or receiver as well as possibly observers that where also in the practice room.

Needless to say I do not trust myself to make a diagnosis with a pendulum. But I have used it to confirm a reading that I perceived with my hands. It can therefore be a useful tool as you practice scanning with your hands.

What I have learn to rely on is the reading of the pulse as done with Jin hin Jyutsu and the scanning of the body with my hands which initiates Divine guidance coming in the form of images about the condition of the body or messages.

8 The word healing is used to define the time period during which the practitioner is open to channel the Universal Life Force Energy from the Divine Source to the receiver.

9 In martial art and eastern literature the tantien in a spot of energy (varying in size from a dim dot to a fits size radiating outward) between second and third Chakra in an area called by Japanese martial art practitioner: the Hara. Hence the name Hara line coined by Barbara Brennan who documented the energy flowing from this point to and from the core center of the earth and to a point at the level of your thymus gland between heart and throat chakra, and running upward thru the body along the spine and out the top of the head to a point called the Individuation point or the connection to the God-Head or Universal Life Force.

10 "The symbolic gestures of the hands of Buddha images, called Mudras, are picture tools of identification of deeper meaning." or Mudras for healing purposes.

11 For an alternate method of strengthening the Hara line see Light Emerging (Barbara Brennan) page 253-255.

12 Healing practitioners especially should stimulate the thymus gland daily by taping the sternum 10 to 20 time with closed fist, this stimulates the immune system as well as energize the soul seat.

13 I do not like the word client as it implies a monetary exchange and I dislike the word patient which strips the receiver of all power to heal himself. so I will just use Receiver.

14 Guided by you spiritual guides that you perceive as intuition, (your sixth sense) or ESP.


16 Go to the page on shamanism to learn about specific techniques to meet your spirit guides and healing helpers.

17 Soul Seat is a located between the heart and throat chakras.

18 Asking for permission to touch without going into the detail of what you are going is best. However, you may want to explain what they can expect to feel/sense because ignorance is the best catalyzer for fear.