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Meet your Higher Self. Experience Past Life Regression, Life between Lives with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. With QHHT youare your own psychic as your Higher Self answers your questions and perform physical and emotional healing...

Quote from Your Soul's Plan:
"To the soul suffering is a natural consequence of judgment. When we awaken and recall that we are immortal souls who cannot be harmed, we release our judgment of life challenges. In their place we embrace a neutrality that reduces suffering and magnifies joy."
— Robert Schwartz

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Drumming Circle 2nd Friday monthly in Milford CT

Access Higher Wisdom, intuitive art class to develop your High Sensory Perception, Built a relationship with your Higher Self and Source/God/Spirit by using art as a process to develop your psychic skills. Learn the vocabulary that your Higher Self uses to communicate with you. This vocabulary is unique to you.

I.E.M.I ©2008-2017


Ancient wisdom for today's light worker
The practitioner senses and "works" with the energy flowing inside and outside the client's physical body. As such the energy is refer to as healing energy. Some modality base their practice on the Chakra system other on the Meridian system but all acknowledge the existence of a human energy field often called the auric field as well as a universal energy field. The goal of all modality is to reestablish health and wellness in the client's body, emotional/mental mind and spirit.

The key to healing with energy is frequency resonance NOT intensity.


Out of the formless it born the form.– David Hawkins, The Eye of the I.
After reading this book, I decided to create a painting with this intention. I put on a music CD the stimulate theta brain wave and with my palette filled with all the color, I just followed my impulse without any intention to create form and yet it seems that air fire water and earth found expression in this painting.

What is healing energy?
The word energy usually makes us think of the electricity that powers the appliances in our home. Yet when looking in the world of matter through a powerful microscope one realized that all matter is just energy. Our very body is just a bundle of energy. The stuff that makes up our bones, our muscles all the cells in our body is the same stuff as what makes up a rock or the air that we breath. Electrons, protons, neutrons... dance with each other the ever changing dance of creation.

Dr. Valerie Hunt, (Infinite Mind) a neurophysiologist and psychologist from Columbia University and the University of California in Los Angeles, has been researching human vibrations for over 20 years. She states, "At the deepest level, all things are composed of vibrations organized into fields that permeate the entire structure." Vibrations affect you by mingling with and changing your own internal vibrations.

Frijtof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics, words it: "Subatomic particles, and all matter made, including our cells, tissues, and bodies, are in fact patterns of activity rather than things."

Brian Greene, Deepak Chopra, Howard Bloom, Stephen Jay Gould, Michael Talbot, David Hawkins, Bert Hellinger and many more have expressed the same concept in their work.–see the bibliography page for information.

The main argument "scientist" propose against energy heaing is that this energy cannot be measured "YET" and that the healing cannot be repeated. Each individual is unique with a specific and unique energy signature; hence it would be ludicrous to expect to discover a healing recipe that works on each and all. The only one that comes close –as a receipe– is prayer. Yet the content of the prayer is unique as well.

Why do we appear so tangible?
Our brain has learned to perceive the different patterns of energy that surrounds us using our five senses. Our brain is able to translate and differentiate these patterns and label them. So even though we are all made up of the same energy, we see a table as different from our dog or a flower.
Because we perceive the energy around us using our sight, our ears, sense of smell or touch or taste we also perceive energy as having different forms. Sound is perceived as having different frequencies. Light forms the spectrum of light and is cataloged in rays of different colors that may travel in wave and/or particles at a specific speed, depending of the point of view of the observer!
We can also f
eel the energy as fluctuation of temperature and tingling or vibration on our skin.

But just as water can be experienced as hot or warm or cold or frozen and still be just H2O; energy is just energy. So the whole of creation is an expression of the same thing but filtered and differentiated by our perception or our five senses.

Perception + Judgement=Separation.
This process of perception and cataloging gives birth to our ego which accentuates the experience of life here on this plane as individuals, unique and separate from each other and the rest of creation.
Aware of our self, we judge and create the concepts of good and bad in an attempt to label, differentiate and categorize further estranging us from our true nature. This estrangement is the fruit of this thought process rather that the observation of an inherent reality, for good and bad are only abstract concepts.
Nothing is inherently good or inherently bad yet we perceived the result of an action, a thought , a word to engender an effect that is perceived as pleasurable or painful. In essence the source is part of the whole and is neither good nor bad.
Only our perception make this judgment of good and bad. Our experience of the world creates these abstract concept of good and bad or evil and the whole aray of dualistic concepts, individual parts created to organize our world and give us a separate identity.
To become enlightened is to realize the unity and oneness of all these apparent parts that make up the perceivable creation, without denying one's existence and perception. For this reason the harder one tries to escape the perception of the form the stronger felt is the experience by our senses.
Moment of bliss or Nirvana can only last as long as our body function can be ignored or mastered. On the other hands we are subjected to the limitation of our perception or knowledge of ourselves, others and the universe. We are and are not. We are here and not here. We are form and formless all at once,vibration and particle. Thought creates form and not the other way around. It is our desire for order which creates our World. Our body is then subjected to this simple law of reality.

Thought creates form..
Masaru Emoto in a compelling series of photographs demonstrated that water can be influence by thought.
This evidence was exposed in the movie "What the bleep do we know" to show the effects of thought and intention on matter.

Sandra Ingerman in Medicine for the Earth proposes that we heal the planet by transmuting toxin in water with our intention (

Mary Bakers Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures advanced that we are pure spirit and what we perceive as real is just an illusion created by what she calls animal magnetism or false perception.

Anne Taylor, author of Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romanceam and Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happinessam says: "We project energy in our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts, and that is really the source of what and who we attract and the basis of our sense of well-being," The DVD, The Secretam by Rhonda Byrne is based on this same premis: what you think/beleive to be true is what you attract.

Others have in other words said the same thing from poets and philosophers to physicists and mathematicians. Such as Vedic scriptures, Naada Tmakam Gagat, "The whole universe is nothing but sound," and as you know, sound is nothing but vibration.2

However despite all this evidence conventional medicine reduces the human being to mere flesh. Probing, cutting, manipulating the body as if they were just part of a giant puzzle, a machine. Ignoring the very essence of life itself which is the coalescent energy that abide in all. The reason for this limited view of ourselves is that our barely 200 years old "science" has studied, up to now, the human body with cadavers devoid of life energy.

Co-creating our reality:
This creative, healing, living energy is what I understand to be God–the Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe, neither male nor female, neither thing or being nor spirit, but lovingly called our Father-Mother-God who is All in All.(3 )
Base on this understanding, namely that we are all related, that we are all part of the same universal "body" or essence that we are all One, each one of us affects the whole by our thoughts, by our actions, by our deeds, by our purpose.
To live in harmony with the Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe is to consecrate our purpose, out deeds, ours action and our thought to our Father-Mother-God. Thus we are not only made in God's image but also a divine part of God. We are a living expression of our Father-Mother-God. This expression is known as our soul. God, in and through us, is experiencing life here on earth in a human body, as such we co-create our reality.
When looked at it from the point of view of the observer, one can feel this idea as being invasive and may be even uncomfortable.
The truth of the matter is that we are not separate from the Divine. There is no observer or observed. We are one and we are all part of this magnificent stain glass window called creation through which love and light shine.

On the universal energy field and consciousness.
The supreme source of all energy includes our universal consciousness, as well as the consciousness of each species, and groups of souls.
This is where it seems to become complicated: the whole of creation, as we perceive it , appears to become fragmented. This illusion occurs because we are used to catalog and label the energy patterns that we perceive in ordinary reality as well as non-ordinary reality (4 ).
Despite this false perception we are all one yet each parts of the whole has an infinite potential for expression.Therefore, the sum of all these parts is greater that the whole, because the parts themselves cannot be defined precisely, they are not tangible. Body, mind or spirit are all just labels, abstract thoughts.
Animals, plants, rocks and any other perceived forms all have a spirit. Each being a primal essence of consciousness expressed as a signature pattern. As such in shamanism–the oldest form of religion–one will talk of the spirit of Awk or Dolphin as a power animal or a spirit guide whose role is the support and guide us. As such the essence of each species evolves in consciousness, hence the principle of morphogenic fields. (Rupert Sheldrake-The Biology of Life)

Spiritual beings
On the other hand angels, archangels and ascended master are universal spirit or what Jung called archetypes. For this reason they can be perceived by many in different places at the same time. As part of the whole their energy pattern, as we perceive them, are more ethereal than that of earthly creature.
Angels, guardian angels , archangels, spirit guides and ascended master can be perceived by us in many different form . The same angel can be seen as a light figure for one person and a winged angel for another or a warm soothing feeling for someone else and a voice or a thought for another. Yet the identity is the same and the time and place of the contact can be simultaneous.
How is that possible? Because they are pure divine energy and because the idea of time and location are a complete illusion created by our perception and our need for order.
Angels, guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters are very real to most us (especially children that have not yet been convinced that their perception are abnormal or ludicrous).

On ESP-Extra Sensory Perception or the sixth sense.
We experience these entities with what is called extra sensory perception (ESP) which is an alternate (or enhanced) filtering system of the energy patterns performed by our five sense. ESP is most commonly called the sixth sense yet it involves the perception of images, sounds or feeling of touch which are very much related to our senses. Clairvoyance or second sight is often said to be perceived by a third eye in the center of the for head. I feel that this is another way to catalog and bring order to our perception. The experience of receiving images with eyes sometimes closed is common to all indigenous cultures and past civilizations.
We refer to this experience, close to the dream state but different from it, as the shamanic journey (Carlos Castaneda/Michael Harner/ Sandra Ingerman/Alberto Villodo and many others) or as conscious dreaming (Robert Moss) or lucid dreaming (Stephen Laberge) or journey out of the body (Robert Monroe)or as Second Sight (Judith Orloff), and also as prayer and meditation (Paramahanse Yogananda).
The " Extra" auditory perception (
clairaudience) generates most of the channeled work from medium channeler.
Clairsentience as given on the other hand acknowledgment to intuitive healing and the existence of spirit guides/angels... by feeling their presence around oneself. Shaman use their sense of smell and taste during extraction healing5 as an enhance or "extra" sensory perception.

Using Extra Sensory Perception to heal ourselves and others

Energy practitioners rely on all three from of ESP to communicate with the receiver's guides and their own personal guides. During a healing they perceive and interpret the patterns of energy form the universal energy field as well as the human energy field.


Everyone of us is part of a signature pattern and as such we are associated with a group of spiritual guides and angels ascended master with whom we "resonate". As we evolve our vibration (energy pattern) changes and our spiritual family changes or expands.
Precognition (revelation of future events) come in the form of visions, voices or the hunch, the feeling in your guts, the knowing that can't be logically explained.
The information can be perceived in "ordinary reality"– our everyday world– as well as non ordinary reality–dream/trance state–depending of the degree of ability (or trust in one abilities) of each person, starting with a simple dream.
The fact that some people can see/hear/feel what others cannot perceive, has often been described as a process of slipping into another dimension or reality. For me it feels like a train changing tracks very quickly back and forth. I am not sure if someone can perceive both reality "absolutely" at once.

Consequences of False Perception Appearing Real: F.E.A.R.
Our learned abilities to perceive the world around us separates us from each other and our environment. This has cause us to "use" nature instead of living in harmony with nature. By judging other as different and not acceptable we justify the "right" to alienate and destroy another life form. The False Perception Appearing Real that we may not have enough throws us in the role of the nature tamer.
If this ideology seems to pervade our western culture it has not always been that way. Clusters of souls have always lived in harmony with nature and are fully aware of the Divine relationship as well as their true essence. We have destroyed some and idealized others and in the process separated ourselves even further from the ultimate truth that is our birth right: to be one with God. For our true essence is that we are a divine part of God we are made in the image of God who is this Spirit/energy in All. 6 When in harmony with our true essence the expression of our Divinity is complete and healthy.
The illusion of separateness creates fear expressed as grief, anger, guilt, shame and desires. These are the source of our sorrow which translate in physical imbalance and ailments/dis-ease. Desires are the most subversive of all as they engender attachments. (Ram Dass)
Attachment is the need to organize and rely on our physical/mental abilities to provide for ourselves versus the knowing that we are in complete harmony and hence divinely provide for.
One common form of attachment is the belief that our children are ours instead of God's children. That our children are our burden instead of a gift to enable us and them to rip the fruit of the lessons that our souls have come here to learn. 7 This sense of responsibility engenders much stress which in turn generates energetic blocs that translate into physical ailments.
Addictions from foods and drugs to needs or wants are all forms of attachments. One way around the attachment is to be in the now, to enjoy life now without wants and needs; to give grace at all time and just be here now in harmony with all. To be consciously interconnected yet honoring respecting and loving the infinite multitude of expression of the Divine.
Since we are pure energy, ultimately all first occurs on an energetically level. The relationship between people can be likened to invisible cords or connections that are attached at many different levels depending of the relationships. These cords find expression on an emotional levels. Their impact on the physical level of existence, of the party involved, is perceived in the form of energetically blocks or imbalances by some energy practitioners or as intrusions for shamans or entanglement by therapist.
Expressed as fear or love, guilt or pity, desires or revulsion, energetically emotions are attachments or the invisible cords that binds us all. (Family Constellation-Bert Hellinger, Neurobiopsychology-Dietrick Klinghart, The Reconnection-Eric Pearl, Astroshamanism-Franco Santoro)
The role of the practitioner is to bring the receiver back in harmony with the universe and the creative and healing source of all that is-God.
The different form of therapy that focus mainly on working with the energetical cords are: Family Constellation, Neuro-Bio-Psychology. Astroshamanism and Shamanism, Individual Constellation, Theta Healing, energy healing based on the Chakra and/or Meridian systems.

For Individual Constellation, Chantal uses wodden figurines. These are positioned by the client to express the cords (or energy ties) binding family members. In this representation a couple is focusing on two different tie. By identifying the attractions we acknowledege the existance of, in this intance, two departed laying on the ground: one close to the light the other away from it. The constellation revealed that the individual away form the light is seeking forgiveness for having committed suicide and desires to be acknowledged and remembered by the member of his family who unconsciously find their energy drawn out to the departed.
The resolution brings the family focus on honoring both departed brought
standing in the light. The family is to actively remember and honor the departed.

Other forms of therapy such as Bioenergetic and Core Energetics address the notion of entanglement/cords but on a more physical and space time bound level; probing into the parent/child relationships and issues of distorted perception.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ as well as Shamanism, Reiki and other hands on healing modalities address the cords as healthy or unhealthy patterns of energy perceived as metaphors or as streams of energy that are either draining or nourishing the system.

Last updated April 10, 2016


2 Vedic scriptures Naada Tmakam Gagat, "The whole universe is nothing but sound," and as you know, sound is nothing but vibration. (products) and

3 The word God is used throughout the site to mean Father-Mother-God" the Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe neither male nor female, neither form nor formless, neither matter nor spirit but all in all. He and his is used in a non gender related manner and can be replaced by her/she or it –in accord with your own beliefs. Divine or divinely are use in reference to God

4 Ordinary reality is our normal wakeful state of perception. Non-ordinary reality refers to altered state of consciousness from the dream state to different trance state whereas perception can be just as vivid and real yet not having "apparent" consequences on the wakeful sate of being. Yet giving often insight into the ordinary reality such as visions of future events or understanding of a state of being–wisdom. (The terms ordinary /non-ordinary reality was coined by Michael Harner in The Way of the Shaman.)

5 Extraction is a method of identifying and removing an energetic abnormality that is perceived by the shaman as an intrusion and can take shape in many form depending on the beliefs and fears of the shaman as well as the receiver.

6 The native american indian lived in harmony with their environment respecting life because they understood their kinship with all of creation. Lakota Sioux have this beautiful saying to connect and honor the Great Spirit: "Metakuye Oyasin" meaning: "All my relatives" which expresses their relation to all life.

7 Principle of reincarnation: Many Lives Many Mansion–Gina Cerminara, Many Lives Many Masters, Healing through Time, Brian Weiss,

8 The word healing is used to define the time period during which the practitioner is open to channel the Universal Life Force Energy from the Divine Source to the receiver.

9 In martial art and eastern literature the tantien in a spot of energy (varying in size from a dim dot to a fits size radiating outward) between second and third Chakra in an area called by Japanese martial art practitioner: the Hara. Hence the name Hara line coined by Barbara Brennan who documented the energy flowing from this point to and from the core center of the earth and to a point at the level of your thymus gland between heart and throat chakra, and running upward thru the body along the spine and out the top of the head to a point called the Individuation point or the connection to the God-Head or Universal Life Force.