This class length is from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 30 minutes lunch break. Please bring a bag lunch and a journal to class.
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Shamanic Healing — Class Description

This full day training is for anyone who has been exposed to the principles of shamanic journey and who wants to develop healing skills using Extra Sensory Perception while strengthening their partnership with Spirit and their healing guides to heal others. For Shamans everything is alive and has a spirit or is part of Great Spirit. As such communication is possible with anything: from can organ to ailments, from Spirit to spirits, from plants to remedies, from ancestors, to younger selves.

TAs spiritual communicators Shaman are attuned-to and aware-of the visible and invisible world at once. This training focuses of the ability to shift our attention from the visible to the “invisible” world from ordinary to non-ordinary reality during a healing.

The methodology will include healing with the Medicine Wheel using shamanic journey, Out of Body Transmigration (OBT), tracking communication with your guides, perception in the Human Energy Field, which includes chakra, meridian, organ systems and the emotional, mental fields.

The first part of this class you will have a chance to take a deeper look inward as you explore your relationship to the four elements /four quadrants of the medicine wheel.

The second part of this class focuses on hands on healing practicing extraction, Chakra illumination/restoration, and finally an exploration of Personal Totem Pole to reveal our Chakra Allies. Starting with the observation of the body, then the field we use the element of the medicine wheels to apply ancient methodology to extract unwanted patterns, and enlist the help of our healing guide to remove and bring harmony to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies while we receive wisdom and healing from our Totem Spirits.

We will finally bringing it all together by understand the power of ceremonies and rituals or the crystallization of thought into visual and creative interpretations.

Different tribes interpret the Medicine Wheel differently giving attributes to each of the four directions: East, South, West, and North. In our Shamanism 101 we do not adopt the animals/colors and spirit guides from one indigenous culture but we journey to find our own representatives. Nevertheless, if you have learned a specific tradition and want to learn Shamanic healing this class is for you.

Note: that more than 60% of the class time is spent practicing the skills of journeying to explore non-rodinary reality and helping yourself.
Furthermore you have the opportunity to receive valuable ongoing support to practice your new skills and develop further your abilities, when you choose to participate in our monthly Shamanic drumming circle on the fourth Friday. And to enhance your experience further, and stay informed please join our Shamanic Study and Practice Facebook group.
This class is the prerequisite for Shamanic Healing

  By the end of the class you will have establish a strong partnership with your Healing Guide and have a clear understanding of how to work with the Medicine Wheel and how to bring healing to the physical and etheric bodies in a shamanic way.
Healing with the Medicine Wheel
  • The Holographic Universe in respect to the Universal and Human Energy Fields
  • Navigating the Medicine Wheel and elemental energies
  • Quadratic elementals and methods of harmonization
  • Five element theory and Fire/Metal, Earth, Water, Air, Wood/Ether
  • Healing oneself with the Medicine Wheel
  • Expanded perspective of AstroShamanism and applications
Exercise to bridge the world of ordinary and non-ordinary reality
  • Strengthening partnership with your Spirit Allies
  • Developing second sight (clairvoyance) versus inner listening (clairaudience)
  • Expanding vision into the first level of the Human Energy Field: chakras, organ system and meridian pathways and correlation with the Medicine Wheel
  • Expanding awareness into the etheric level of the Human Energy Field Emotional, mental, karmic and correlation with the Medicine Wheel
  • Recognizing truth through the Assemblage Point
Hands on healing practice
  • Healing others with the Medicine Wheel
  • Shamanic Extraction in partnership with your Spirit Allies
  • Alternate method for Energy practitioners
  • Protection recommendation and health concerns
  • Shamanic Illumination in partnership with your Spirit Allies
  • Alternate method of Illumination for Energy practitioners
  • Experience three practice journey to the Upper World
  • Shamanic seeing and the Assemblage Point
Totem Pole Work & Chakra Awakening
  • The who and what of Totem Spirits
  • Messages from Totem Spirits and interpretation
  • Looking beyond the literal message and opening oneself to Divine wisdom for greater meaning
  • Wisdom from Totem Spirit
  • Building your Personal Totem Pole (energetically)
Introduction to Ritual and Ceremonies
  • The power and language of ceremonies and rituals to honor the gift of Spirit
  • Creating visual interpretation for healing
  • Bringing closure with ceremonies
  • Bringing closure with ceremonies
Beyond this introduction to ceremonies and rituals
  • For an in-depth study of ceremonies and ritual please inquire about the “Creating ceremonies and ritual for healing” training
  In a safe a sacred space your will enjoy a rewarding spiritual experience as you develop new skils and deepen your partnership with your Spirit Allies. Receive guidance, healing and wisdom during the training.
  A comprehensive manual with detailed instruction of all that you learned in class.
  certificate of achievement for Shamanism Healing in Mastery of Awareness™ from the Integrative Energy Medicine Institute.
  Ongoing complimentary support.
After the class your teacher is available via email or phone to support you on your continuing development as a Shamanic Practitioner. You communication is always confidential and you have peace of mind of knowing that you have a knowledgeable and experienced teacher to turn to for help. You also have the opportunity to attend the monthly Shamanic Study and Practice circle on the Fourth Friday at eh United Presbyterian Church on Seaside Avenue in Milford CT. This circle is dedicated to develop Extra Sensory Perception using Shamanic and Mastery of Awareness methodology. Please contact intructor for details and/or join Facebook group for announcements, mini Playshops, and other events.
  New Student: Prepaid $150 or $175 at the door.
  Repeat Student: $50 prepaid or $75 at the door (FOR IEMI GRADUATES ONLY)


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